National Park Corales del Rosario, Baru


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  • Located in front of the beach:

    corral reef, Private Area. We recommend bringing water shoes.

  • Room ammeneties:

    balcony, ceiling fans, mosquito nets, daily laundry service

  • Entertainment:

    Snorkeling, nature hikes, ping pong tables, paddle boarding, music, darts, karaoke, game room

  • Pets welcome, no additional cost

  • Bar and Food:

    Steaks, seafood, snacks, fruits, vegetarian meals, cocktails and variety of drinks.

  • Free WiFi:

    Available in common areas.

  • Security:

    CC tv cameras around the facilities. 

  • Other:

    Breakfast included, beach volleyball, ping pong tables, sun bathing areas, hammocks, board games.

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Isla luna, Corales del Rosario National Park, Baru, Cartagena de Indias

Playa Bobo, located within the park, is a wonderful place known for its warm waters and mesmerizing corral reefs. Near by you’ll find mangroves, reflective pools and underwater gardens.

You’ll be able to enjoy a variety of water sports and activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding as well as the magic of luminous plankton during new moon and low light nights. At Isla Luna you’ll be able to experience these and many more unforgettable experiences.

This beautiful place is definitely a favorite for those who visit Cartagena de Indias in Colombia and wish to enjoy the Caribbean waters.

Destino Cubierto:

Corales del Rosario National Park, Baru, Playa Bobo, Cartagena de Indias

Points of interest:
  • Private access to the coral reef beach, where you’ll be able to enjoy the privacy and exclusivity it offers
  • Cozy cabins for large parties or couples
  • Delicious meals prepared by our cooks
  • English and Spanish speaking staff
Where are we located? We are located on Playa Bobo inside of Corales del Rosario National Park on Baru island Cartagena, Bolivar
Directions The Island is only accessible by boat; there are two main options:
You can board the boat in Cartagena, which would be an approximately 50 minute ride to the Island.
You can also catch a boat in the town of Baru, which is about an hour drive from Cartagena. The boat ride from Baru to the Island is about 8 minutes.In order to keep things easy for our customers, whenever we complete a minimum capacity, we use a private sports boat (Pegaso II) which has a 28 passenger capacity and is operated by certified pilots. This boat leaves Cartagena at 9:00am.I any case where we do not meet the minimum capacity or you would like to leave later than 9:00am, we can also set up rides with private or public transport (taxis, all of which meet the appropriate biosecurity measures and standards) to the town of Baru and catch a boat ride there.
You can also arrive in the town of Baru via personal vehicle, where you will be able to find open air parking, and from there we can set you up with a boat ride to the Island. This parking area does not belong to the hostel and therefore would have an additional cost.Our customers comfort is our top priority, this includes keeping costs low as well, which is why we recommend using our transportation service. In order for this to workout we ask you make your reservations at least one day in advance by email or via WhatsApp at or whatsapp + 57 318 265 3217.


[cq_vc_testimoniallist images=»21560,21562,21561,21564,21566,21559,21565,21568″ imagewidth=»130″ username=»Adriana Palma,Jenny Paola López Abella,Lucas Balbiani,Diana Tello,jazmin,Cesar Augusto Carvajal,Jenny Paola López Abella,Vianey Gómez Viveros» userrole=»one year ago,one year ago,one year ago,6 months ago,one year ago,one year ago,one year ago,one year ago» icon_fontawesome=»» textblockbg=»bluejeans» delaytime=»4″][testimonialitem]Highly recommend this place!! The food is delicious and very well prepared!! They’re staff is so nice, and the cabins are comfy!![/testimonialitem]

[testimonialitem]Its a perfect spot to rest, I do suggest bringing water shoes cause of the coral reef beach. The staff are super nice and the chef cooks great. There’s a small freshwater pool, the rooms are big and the restrooms well kept. Bring bug spray.[/testimonialitem]

[testimonialitem]Great place to relax and disconnect from it all. AMAZING breakfast and meals, all very tasty and cooked by the locals. The place is super comfy. There’s a volley court ping pong table and delicious drinks.[/testimonialitem]

[testimonialitem]It’s a very nice and pleasant place!

The cabins are comfy. The restrooms are super clean and the place is very quiet and peaceful. What I liked the most was the attentiveness of the staff, very kind and approachable. From the manager to the receptionist, the chef etc…[/testimonialitem]

[testimonialitem]Nice place to sit back and relax. Very peaceful and safe. It’s not the same water you see at playa Blanca, however you avoid all the ruckus and noise from that place. Food is super good as well.[/testimonialitem]

[testimonialitem]It’s a magical place where you can go and rest from the daily routine, very calm and the staff are very attentive and nice, always there for anything you need.[/testimonialitem]

[testimonialitem]Its a perfect spot to rest, I do suggest bringing water shoes cause of the coral reef beach. The staff are super nice and the chef cooks great. There’s a small freshwater pool, the rooms are big and the restrooms well kept. Bring bug spray.[/testimonialitem]

[testimonialitem]A very pleasant place if you want to be away from the noise of the world. The staff’s attention is great, always willing to offer the best service. Thanks Arnaldo and Carol[/testimonialitem][/cq_vc_testimoniallist]


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