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  • Outdoor pool:

    Large pool and sunbathing area.

  • Room amenities:

    Open terrace, ceiling fans and AC, T.V, closet, mosquito net and daily laundry’s service.

  • Pets allowed at no additional cost.

  • Restaurant and Bar:

    The best pizza in Palomino, made in a wood fire oven, typical Italian and Colombian recipes, vegetarian meals. We grow some of our ingredients, fresh tropical fruits, cocktails and craft beers.

  • Free WiFi:

    Available in common areas.

  • Parking:

    Free parking

  • Security:

    CCTV cameras, safe in double rooms, lockers.

  • Others services included:

    Breakfast, pool table, pool, shared kitchen, slackline, hammocks, outdoor entertainment area.

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Prima Luna Beach Hostel, Palomino

Palomino is synonymous with disconnect from the busy world, oh inspiring landscapes, river and ocean beaches with perfect waves to learn how to surf, and a fascinating cultural environment. The beach is a couple of meters from the hostel, where you can enjoy our private pool with friends and family.

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta  is a Natural spectacle, with a tropical climate that attracts tourists from all over the globe who want to enjoy its beautiful Caribbean waters and gastronomic wonders. Primaluna has one of the most famous restaurants in the area.

The easiest way to get to Palomino is from Santa Marta, which you can get to by car, bus or by plan from nearly any city in Colombia.
Hostel highlights:
  • Outdoor pool, pool table, terrace with hammocks and entertainment area
  • Palomino beach with Caribbean waters just a few meters from the hostal, Palomino and San Salvador rivermouth.
  • Local and Italian cuisine, we have the best firewood cooked pizza and the best restaurant in the area!
  • Spanish and English speaking staff
  • Spacious and comfy rooms, private restrooms 
  • Free Parking.
  • Additional transportation to and from the airport.
Where are we located? We are located on the main road just 500 meters from downtown Palomino and 200meters from the beach.


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Really good hostel! The people working l there are very kind and helpful. Any issue that comes up, they take care of in a very professional manner. Rooms have bunk beds and a private restroom. There’s a pool and restaurant, both great. About a block away from the beach.[/testimonialitem]


Excellent choice to stay at when in Palomino. The staff’s attentiveness, the well kept facilities, the cleanliness of the place and the delicious breakfast make this a great place to come back and visit. For 10 bucks you can stay in an 8 person shared room, breakfast included.[/testimonialitem]


This is a hostel and a hotel. We stayed in a 3 person room called Leticia, right across from the pool; it was comfy, had a ceiling fan but a bit warm. Overall it’s a cozy place with a good restaurant, good pool, and with the flexibility of a hotel and hostel at the same time. We had pizza and ceviche for dinner, both were delicious. We only stayed one night. But if we’re ever in Palomino we’ll keep this place in mind.[/testimonialitem]

[testimonialitem]Beautiful place! Very comfy, breakfast was delicious. Good price.[/testimonialitem]

[testimonialitem]An excellent place to rest, the beach is a block away from the hotel and the  restaurant serves some delicious pizza, the service was spectacular and you feel very well taken care of. Highly recommend it, come and visit Palomino.[/testimonialitem]

[testimonialitem]Excellent service… well put together place with the restaurant and the added services. Everything was taken care of. Thanks a lot.[/testimonialitem]

[testimonialitem]The best option in Palomino, good location, cleanliness and staff, has restaurant and pool[/testimonialitem]


Excellent hostel, pretty, clean and many well kept details. There were large lockers with outlets inside of them! Good common areas, nice pool, and a good restaurant. Very close to the beach.[/testimonialitem][/cq_vc_testimoniallist]


*some activities may have additional costs



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Pool Table


Outdoor entertainment area




Tubing in the Palomino river


Trips to Sierra Nevada indigenous communities


Valencia creek


San Salvador river


Horseback rides


Surfing lessons


Yoga classes




Restaurant and pizzeria